Virtual Choir Production

During this period of social distancing, many choral groups are seeking opportunities to make music together. A popular and modern way to accomplish this is through the virtual choir medium, offering choristers the ability to create music from the comfort of home. A virtual choir is a straightforward concept that yields many positive results, however, assembling the audio and visual elements into a final product can be a challenging and daunting task.

Flight Song, by Kim André Arnesen

A virtual performance by Resonance Youth Choir of Mississauga.

Bob Anderson, Conductor, and Yvonne Choi, Collaborative Pianist.

Each project consists of four stages of production. First, learning and guide materials are produced to aid the singers in the learning and recording stages of the project. The guide materials are an essential part of these projects, as they determine all of the musical decisions that will be made during recording. Second, the singers learn the music, either through “live”  virtual rehearsals, or through engagement with prepared learning materials. Third, the singers will record their parts at home using guide tracks prepared in the first stage. Lastly, the singers tracks will be edited and mixed together, and their videos will be combined and edited into a stunning virtual performance. This whole process can take anywhere from a month to upwards of four months.

When Music Sounds, by Connor Koppin


Thomas Burton, Artistic Director

My goal is to facilitate your choral organization’s production of a virtual choir video at a high level of quality while still being financially accessible. I have first-hand experience at every stage of this process, including singing, conducting, editing, mixing, and concert production. I would enjoy providing the guidance and support required to make your virtual choir production fun, fulfilling, and successful.

Silent Night, ARR. Pink Zebra

Oakville Choir for Children and Youth

Conductors – Dave S. Anderson & Jenny Johnston

Collaborative Pianists – Yvnoone Choi & Cheryl Duval

Adam Beer, AFGM Mentor

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Additional Examples of Recent Work